Hi there! Branching off from our last theme, TED Talks, I bring you a video about compassion. Today’s video comes from TCKid. It was created in an effort to support a greater project. Allow me to explain.

We begin with Karen Armstrong’s 2008 TED prize wish and 2009 TED Talk for compassion. Armstrong requested a unified and active effort from the world to include compassion in their lives. This series of discussions gave birth to the Charter for Compassion movement, in which the TED organization, as well as thousands of individuals  worldwide, created a life pledge that would give greater strength and voice to the golden rule. The importance of treating others as you would like to be treated is not a light subject, but it certainly gives way to many rewards.

Today’s video features people from around the world (including TCKid founder, Brice Royer) speaking about what compassion means to them. Here, compassion is explained and contemplated in multiple languages. It’s a great way of showing how universally important this topic is, just as the Charter for Compassion expresses the sheer worth of its mission.

What does compassion mean to you?



Hi there! Today’s videos come from TCKid TV, the official YouTube channel of

Most recently, TCKid TV has uploaded a video conference as part of their ongoing TCKid Talks series. The conference has been edited in to 6-part segments for viewer ease. It features notable members of the TCKid community such as author Ruth van Reken and educator Michael Pollock. If you don’t already know them, these videos offer a great chance to get to know them.