Film Trailers: Jihua Hu

Hi there! Heres a film debut interview that came out back in 2012. The movie is titled, “Third Culture Kid,” and is both directed and produced by Jihua Hu. Now, I don’t speak Chinese, so I won’t be able to tell you much about this film. Instead, I will share with you a synopsis that I found on this Facebook page.

“It tells a story of a Chinese family that move to Canada through skilled worker immigration program in the year 2000. The film portrays a rebellious teenager who has a conflicting relationship with his father. The clash between traditional Chinese culture and western influences deepens the major conflict between them.”

As also stated on the Facebook page, the film premiered in Canada at several locations via live streaming on the Canadian Chinese WOWtv Network. You can watch the film trailer here on Vimeo, and I will share with you the 10 minute interview video below. Warning, the trailer has explicit scenes. Still, the movie definitely looks worth watching. Time for me to learn Chinese (or find some subtitles)!


Documentary: BANANA

Hi there!

Today I’m sharing a documentary focusing on Hong Kong Chinese people who have been raised abroad. Vanessa Ma put together a really interesting tale of Chinese Third Culture Kids with the help of her family members and friends.

Ma’s narration leads us into several discussions about the lifestyle she and her interviewees share. Most of them have grown up in the UK, but some have grown up in Toronto. They all talk about all the various labels they were given while growing up. Her brother shares his story about needing a visa to return to Hong Kong, while Vanessa does not.

They consider some of the struggles caused by not being able to read or write in Chinese, like trying to read a menu or wanting to read poetry books. They also discuss efforts to find common interests with peers in Hong Kong. One person says that even the places she might choose to hang out might seem strange to her peers in Hong Kong.

While not everyone was asked, we do get a confirmation that growing up bi-culturally is something to appreciate. Ma states, “…we are the product of a global phenomenon…and the result: Third Culture Kids.”



Documentary: Tania Mehta

Hi there!

While it is probably counts as a professional independent vlog, it’s hard for me do determine what category to put it in. Tania Mehta’s video comes off as both an evening news segment and a mini documentary. Let me know what you think.

Our speaker, Tania Mehta, takes us through her life on a search for cultural identity. It is her journey for answers to specific life struggles that the film brings to focus. One thing that resonated with me is when she talks about truly living as a local later in life. I share the same thing with her growing up on military bases. The first time I really lived like a local (besides in my home country) was when I moved to Korea. There was a stark difference in lifestyle, and it took me awhile to adjust.

She interviews several people throughout the video, and the wisdom each person shares is applicable to all of us. Let this video encourage you to continue searching for your own answers.

Documentary: Welcome To My Life

Hi, everyone. Long time no see!

I’ve had to put this site on hiatus for a (very time-consuming) year. However, it’s a project very dear to me, so with a new logo, layout, and more leads to follow, I’m ready to get back on track! I think this is the video that gave rise to idea for this blog.

Meet Elizabeth Cho, a university student (at the time of making this video) who will take us on a detailed journey of her TCK upbringing. This video was VERY well done. The introduction (until 1:45) does a great job of summarizing the wish to belong to every home, and left me contemplating my own views on belonging. This is a documentary presented in a mix of Korean, Spanish, and English, which further infuses all of her cultural connections. Her mission can best be summed up with this statement from the info section of her YouTube video:

“…I pray that this might be a film that bridges gaps and barriers created by our prejudices and fears.
We are all different, but that does not mean that we cannot achieve unity.
Especially if you are a TCK, a “재외”, a Korean, please… do not hold grudges against others and let’s try to figure this out together. :)”

Without further ado, please enjoy this documentary.

Film Trailers: Rahul Gandotra

Hi there! Third on my film trailer list is Rahul Gandotra. His film is called The Road Home. This short film takes place in India and focuses heavily on identity struggle. The character’s story (including location) follows closely with Gandotra’s own history. The Road Home has been incredibly successful. It has been shown at several film festivals and picked up many awards along the way. While I have not had the chance to see it yet, it is certainly on my to-do list. The Road Home looks incredibly interesting (but of course, I like this kind of thing)! Again, if any of you have seen it, please tell me how you liked it down in the comments.

Here is the official website, and here is the trailer:

Film Trailers: Ema Ryan Yamazaki

Hi there! Second on my film trailer list is Ema Ryan Yamazaki. Her films are Neither Here Nor There, and Monk By Blood. Neither Here Nor There is an exploration of adult TCKs, their self-reflection, and their perspective on life and the world. Perhaps Monk By Blood is not necessarily about a TCK; however, I am including it because it is the work of a TCK, and I expect that many of the themes covered in it are applicable to TCK lifestyles and ideals.

You can learn more about Yamazaki here. Below is the trailer for the 35 minute documentary, Neither Here Nor There.

NEITHER HERE NOR THERE Teaser from Ema Ryan Yamazaki on Vimeo.

Monk By Blood is a series on Al Jazeera. I believe links to further videos can be accessed via their Viewfinder Asia page. Unfortunately, viewing restrictions for my country prevent me from seeing more than the trailer. So, if you are able to watch Monk By Blood, please look it up and let me know how it is.

MONK BY BLOOD – TRAILER from Ema Ryan Yamazaki on Vimeo.

Film Trailers: Aga Alegria

Hi there! Sorry for the quiet spell. To make up for it, I’ve prepared a very long list of new additions. You can look forward to posts with news interviews, more seminars, movie trailers, documentaries, and video journals. Prepare yourself for a video dump! First, let me introduce film producer and director Aga Alegria. Two of her films, Les Passagers, and Where Is Home, deal with TCK experience and identity. Les Passagers is a short film that was shown at a TCK film festival in Toronto in 2011. The production and popularity of that film spurred Alegria to further explore the ideas from Les Passagers, and so she created the documentary, Where Is Home. A funding campaign for Where Is Home ended in 2013, but donations are still welcome to help bring this film to greater audiences. You can watch the trailer for Where is Home here. You can watch the trailer for Les Passagers below: