In the Theater: Elizabeth (Lisa) Liang

Hi there! In my last post, I mentioned a blog called The Displaced Nation. There, I found Elizabeth (Lisa) Liang. Lisa Liang is a multi-cultural, multi-national actress and author. Aside from her acting career, she hosts writing workshops, and has even presented her ideas and performed at the 2014 Families in Global Transition (FIGT) conference.

You can find her, as I did, on the Displaced Nation blog, interviewing other TCK artists in her column TCK Talent.

I’d like to share with you two excerpts from her play, entitled Alien Citizen- An Earth Odyssey, in which she shares various tales from her experiences growing up across nations and cultures. (I personally think this would make a great TEDx Talk). You can also read more about the ideas behind Alien Citizen– An Earth Odyssey here on The Displaced Nation.

Excerpt 1- On Losing Language:

Excerpt 2- Dual Citizen:



In the Theater: Alaine Handa

Edit: I added the link to the My.TCKid website. It is an private online community, so you must sign up to view the website and connect with its members.

Hi there! Through my internet travels, I have recently come across several blog posts on TCKs who have entered the field of the performing arts. Notably, I found a website called The Displaced Nation which has a column called TCK Talent. They’ve been interviewing TCKs across many artistic fields, and have also been exploring some of the reasons why many TCKs choose the performing arts path. I’d like to showcase some TCKs in the performing arts who are using their careers to talk about their global experiences. Today, I present to you Alaine Handa.

Alaine Handa, in my opinion, has been a prominent member of the TCKid society. For as long as I’ve been a member, I’ve seen her name all across the My.TCKid website and the forum that came before it. Handa is a self-proclaimed Third Culture Kid, and runs her own dance company, the A.H. Dance Company. One of her company’s projects is a performance dedicated to the TCK community. Entitled Chameleon, this performance was created to explain the TCK experience. Handa also created a documentary called I Am a TCK that features interviews with global nomads. This documentary is played during the dance performance and provides a wonderful complement to the story and show experience.

Here is Alaine Handa talking about herself and the A.H. Dance Company:

Here is one of many recorded excerpts from Chameleon: