Independent Vloggers: Third Culture Kids HK

Hi there!

Huzzah, I found a network, an entire channel of videos made by TCKs in Hong Kong!  Here is their intro video.

These guys sure look like their having fun together. It makes me just a tad bit jealous because there are no TCK gatherings in my area. So, while it will take me a while to get through all the videos from their channel (by that, I mean watching the videos AND writing reviews for them… on second thought, maybe I won’t do that much), I’m going to share the first video I randomly selected to watch.

This video is called the 5 Second Rule Challenge, and it’s a quick game challenge video between TCK friends. The game, as explained in the video, comes from the Ellen Degeneres Show. Players have  five seconds to name a specific number of things in a given category. I like this video a lot simply because it shows TCKs having fun and doing normal things together. The answers they gave for categories also reflect their backgrounds.

Due to the language, I would recommend teens and above to watch this. If you watch their other videos and like what they’ve done, be sure to let me know. Be sure to let them know, too!


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