Film Trailers: Jihua Hu

Hi there! Heres a film debut interview that came out back in 2012. The movie is titled, “Third Culture Kid,” and is both directed and produced by Jihua Hu. Now, I don’t speak Chinese, so I won’t be able to tell you much about this film. Instead, I will share with you a synopsis that I found on this Facebook page.

“It tells a story of a Chinese family that move to Canada through skilled worker immigration program in the year 2000. The film portrays a rebellious teenager who has a conflicting relationship with his father. The clash between traditional Chinese culture and western influences deepens the major conflict between them.”

As also stated on the Facebook page, the film premiered in Canada at several locations via live streaming on the Canadian Chinese WOWtv Network. You can watch the film trailer here on Vimeo, and I will share with you the 10 minute interview video below. Warning, the trailer has explicit scenes. Still, the movie definitely looks worth watching. Time for me to learn Chinese (or find some subtitles)!


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