Independent Vloggers: Alicia Gunderson (2)

Hi there!

Here’s another video from Alicia Gunderson that really stood out for me.

This video focuses on some of the struggles faced during repatriation. Gunderson interviews five people who have moved back to the USA after spending a significant amount of time abroad. You may recognize some of them from her other video that I shared. They discuss their transition experiences, the difficulties and surprises involved, and knowledge gained after moving back.

As with her other video that I shared, I’m grateful that there were so many people in this video. I think it’s important to mention that the experiences and opinions were varied. When TCKs consider their own experiences and research the experiences of others, there might be a tendency to think we will all go through the same thing. The TCK lifestyle connects us, but we are still unique individuals. Also, most of the videos I find are about defining the idea of a TCK, and discussions about repatriation are sometimes very brief. I hope that more TCKs will gather to discuss and film more specific issues like this.

Thanks to Katie, Rachael, Matosh, Makayla, and Amy Becker for sharing their stories in this video. (Forgive me if I misspelled any names, as they weren’t listed in the video description). There is a lot of great advice at the end of this video!


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