Independent Vloggers: Alicia Gunderson

Hi there!

There are so many more videos that I’ve found for and about Third Culture Kids, and I’m oh-so-slowly but surely adding them. Here’s my latest pick from Alicia Gunderson, entitled, “TCKs Talk Home and Belonging.”

Here’s a quick and nicely done interview video. I love these kinds of videos because they often capture a variety of opinions. While we often share the same sentiments about our lifestyles, just as common is the different wisdom we gain through our lifestyles. Gunderson’s video features six interviewees (Joseph, Rachel, Sara, Sara (there are two), Rachel, Katie), and captures their interesting perspectives.

Interviewees are asked the following questions:
How many homes have you lived in?
Where are you from?
Where do you consider home?
Where do you fit in best?
How has your sense of home changed over the years?

Actually, I’m not sure about the other interviewees, but one mentioned that she was a missionary kid (MK), so I get the impression that this video features different kinds of TCKs, which is always great!

It seems that Gunderson has made several videos about TCKs and expatriate life. I will be sure to post about them later on. If you’d like to get a headstart, you can check out her YouTube channel.


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