Documentary: BANANA

Hi there!

Today I’m sharing a documentary focusing on Hong Kong Chinese people who have been raised abroad. Vanessa Ma put together a really interesting tale of Chinese Third Culture Kids with the help of her family members and friends.

Ma’s narration leads us into several discussions about the lifestyle she and her interviewees share. Most of them have grown up in the UK, but some have grown up in Toronto. They all talk about all the various labels they were given while growing up. Her brother shares his story about needing a visa to return to Hong Kong, while Vanessa does not.

They consider some of the struggles caused by not being able to read or write in Chinese, like trying to read a menu or wanting to read poetry books. They also discuss efforts to find common interests with peers in Hong Kong. One person says that even the places she might choose to hang out might seem strange to her peers in Hong Kong.

While not everyone was asked, we do get a confirmation that growing up bi-culturally is something to appreciate. Ma states, “…we are the product of a global phenomenon…and the result: Third Culture Kids.”




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