Independent Vloggers: Sofía Skrie

Hi there!

Today’s post is exciting for me because of one very simple thing this vlogger is trying to do: create Third Culture Kid  media for Spanish speakers. While I have tried to feature information from people all over the world, I haven’t featured many bi- and multilingual videos. There’s got to be hundreds of videos out there! Thousands!

Our vlogger today is Sofía Skrie. Her interviews feature a challenge at the very end. I like her use of challenges and games because they offer a chance for the interviewees to show off a bit more of their personalities during these short videos.

This episode’s challenge is Chubby Bunny. If you’ve never heard of this game before, this might be something you want to try even without an opponent! Stuff marshmallows into your mouth one at a time, and be sure to say “chubby bunny” before putting the next one in! The winner keeps all the marshmallows in his/her mouth while being able to say “chubby bunny.” 

Skrie hopes to make more CTC (Chicos de Tercera Cultura) videos for Spanish-speaking audiences. She is just starting out, but I look forward to her progress. I will certainly look out for more TCK-related videos in other languages (though, my language barrier may prevent me from giving detailed reviews). Be sure to check out her other videos, or make your own and share them with her! (Share them with me, too)!


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