TEDX: Being Culturally Homeless

Hi there!

While there are still a ton of independent vloggers I’d like to introduce you to, I thought it’d be nice to mix things up a little bit. I’ve been looking at TED Talks focusing on cross-cultural issues lately, and there are a few I plan to share with you. Today’s Talk comes from TEDxYouth@BIS (Bonn International School), and our speaker is Crystal Singh.

Singh focuses on experiences as a teenage TCK. She breaks down the TCK lifestyle and general attributes, and then delves into problems that usually arise because of said lifestyle. Singh explains, “It’s a very different life, and not many people understand this kind of situation,” and while some TCKS are extremely comfortable “resetting” wherever they go, others might develop inhibitions.

Fortunately, Singh found something encouraging in her lifestyle. “Raise your hand if some of your greatest experiences were outside of your home country,” she tells the crowd. For Singh, her memories and pictures from around the world give her a great sense of pride. Her experiences abroad are worth more than worries about fitting back home with friends who might not understand. She further reminds us that though a TCK lifestyle isn’t the usual kind, it’s also not a bad thing.

As an end note, the country tags for this post are based on the information provided in the video’s description on YouTube, which states that Singh has resided in the USA, Germany, and Singapore.


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