Independent Vloggers: Delvin Ang (2)

Hi there!

ObliviousD is back with follow-up video to the one I shared before. In the previous video, he talked about being a TCK and shared some personal experiences of growing up in Australia and Singapore, namely his military service experience and feelings of acceptance within the two cultures.

Apparently, the video we looked at before is a re-uploaded video. The original was accidentally deleted by Ang himself! Seeing how his story had attracted so much positive attention and discussion, he made sure to upload the video again. However, the original comments and discussions were lost.

Then, he made a new video, a “part two,” if you will. Here he shares more tidbits of his TCK lifestyle. Struggles include using accents, name pronunciation, answering, ” Where are you from?” (the one we all know so well), eating favorite foods in other countries, learning your mother tongue, choosing your favorite home, and fitting in. Enjoy!


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