Documentary: Tania Mehta

Hi there!

While it is probably counts as a professional independent vlog, it’s hard for me do determine what category to put it in. Tania Mehta’s video comes off as both an evening news segment and a mini documentary. Let me know what you think.

Our speaker, Tania Mehta, takes us through her life on a search for cultural identity. It is her journey for answers to specific life struggles that the film brings to focus. One thing that resonated with me is when she talks about truly living as a local later in life. I share the same thing with her growing up on military bases. The first time I really lived like a local (besides in my home country) was when I moved to Korea. There was a stark difference in lifestyle, and it took me awhile to adjust.

She interviews several people throughout the video, and the wisdom each person shares is applicable to all of us. Let this video encourage you to continue searching for your own answers.


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