Independent Vloggers: Howsenselessdeath Howpreciouslife

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While her name is unknown to me, this young lady has presented an emotional video full of interesting tidbits of thought. Being a TCK, or as she calls it, a Third Culture Child, our vlogger discusses her experiences between Taiwan and Australia. These are only two of the many places she has called home. She discusses how her definition of normal changed throughout life.

While I’m not sure how many others will share my opinion, I found this video to be extremely honest and poignant. I should say that I had some wary assumptions before watching this video, all of which are pointless to even mention. However, by the end of the video I found that it held a lot of wisdom. Her style of talking nonstop is amazing considering she hardly goes off topic.

A warning before watching this video: though each is only used once, there are two highly vulgar words used in this video. That being said, please enjoy this video.


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