Independent Vloggers: Nana Kennedy-Kwofie

Hi there!

Here is a very honest young woman with a special TCK post for her vlog. She answers the following questions as part of a TCK Tag: How many languages do you speak? How are you treated when you go back to the country you are from? What are some of the adaptations you’ve had to make? Do you have any interesting culture shock stories? Where is home for you?

Why honest? In shorter videos, I don’t often hear someone delve into their alienation with a certain culture (especially their home culture). In her video she repeats, “I love Ghana so much, but Ghana doesn’t love me.”

She addresses interesting moments of culture shock, some which she has embrace and others which she has merely accepted.

Her biggest culture shock is one I share: “It’s strange knowing that people look at you and have a certain idea about your character, your personality, your work ethic, because of your race.” Let’s check out her video.


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