Independent Vloggers: Zazie Atkinson

Hi there!

It’s been a long time (9 months, to be exact)! I’m back with a line up of new videos to share with you. Most of them are independent vloggers, which is very exciting! I’m glad to to see more people talking about their individual experiences.

Today’s video is from Zazie Atkinson. Yes, it’s a typical video, but well-produced. I thank Zazie and her friends, Gabi Paganini and Maggie O’Hare, for taking the time to share their stories with the world. While, most of what we hear is what we’ve always heard from other TCKs, that just goes to show the common bond that we share as a result of this lifestyle. What’s different is often our choices in life when it’s our turn to take control (that is, when we become adult TCKs). Maggie O’hare tells us that she doesn’t want her to raise her children in the same mobile way that she grew up. I think it’s a decision we all tend to face, like a rite of passage. I encourage you to take a look and find your own connections.


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