TEDx: Third Culture Kids: Future Citizens

Hi there!

I’ve got another TEDx talk for you all. I’m happy to say that I’ve found a lot more TCK discussion going on in the TEDx community. This is a talk from Thailand’s TEDxYouth@RIS. The speaker is Naman Kedia, a young gentleman who gives an interesting account of his TCK experience from the perspective of religion. So, Kedia starts off with a story about his trek through religious differences, and realizes that the question, “What religion are you?” has become just as difficult to answer as, “Where are you from?”

Thanks to the acquired skill of open-mindedness, which Kedia attributes to all TCKs, he was able to stop seeing religion as a dividing factor. Rather, he saw it as a chance to cherish and celebrate all the friends he’s made because of being introduced to each religion. He also says that the world’s problems and multi-generational hatred stem from differences, and a TCK’s ability to simply get along and be adaptable is exactly the kind of mindset that future citizens need.

I’m not sure why RIS’s TEDx videos are doubled (you’ll see what I mean when you watch), but please check out Kedia’s video here:


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