Independent Vloggers: The TCK Challenge A.K.A. = Third Culture Kid

Are you ready for the TCK Challenge? Gather your TCK friends and answer these questions!

Here are Andrea Haenze and her two friends Megan and Michael. They’ve put this silly video together as a means to explore their TCKness. I was all smiles while watching this video, as it reminded me of a specific childhood friend that I would certainly have spent time with in this same way. (At that time, we played around with my tape recorder and made crazy radio shows).

I think this video is especially great for younger TCKs (ok, and older, silly TCKs, too). It allows you to relax and enjoy talking about what might often be a serious topic. I hope that people can be openly proud of this kind of upbringing, regardless of the challenges it threw at them, and know that reminiscing can be enjoyable.

As a twist, try to create some other questions that you can answer with your friends. It’s sure to create some interesting discussion. Things you thought only you went through might bring out some great stories from the rest of the group.

Enjoy Andrea’s TCK Challenge!


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