Documentary: Welcome To My Life

Hi, everyone. Long time no see!

I’ve had to put this site on hiatus for a (very time-consuming) year. However, it’s a project very dear to me, so with a new logo, layout, and more leads to follow, I’m ready to get back on track! I think this is the video that gave rise to idea for this blog.

Meet Elizabeth Cho, a university student (at the time of making this video) who will take us on a detailed journey of her TCK upbringing. This video was VERY well done. The introduction (until 1:45) does a great job of summarizing the wish to belong to every home, and left me contemplating my own views on belonging. This is a documentary presented in a mix of Korean, Spanish, and English, which further infuses all of her cultural connections. Her mission can best be summed up with this statement from the info section of her YouTube video:

“…I pray that this might be a film that bridges gaps and barriers created by our prejudices and fears.
We are all different, but that does not mean that we cannot achieve unity.
Especially if you are a TCK, a “재외”, a Korean, please… do not hold grudges against others and let’s try to figure this out together. :)”

Without further ado, please enjoy this documentary.


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